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Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog Harness

One of the biggest concerns of every Frenchie owner is whether they can find the right harness that will make them comfortable during walks. Since they have thick necks and flat skulls, Frenchies can’t wear the first harness or collar you grab from the store. They require wearing specially-designed harnesses that won’t restrict their breathing and that will keep their spines in a healthy posture. Breathable and Reflective French Bulldog harness is definitely one of the harnesses I prefer to use on my Frenchie.

Why I love the Breathable and Reflective French bulldog harness?

The first words that came to my mind when I saw the Breathable and Reflective French bulldog harness are quality and comfort. Every edge is so well crafted and soft, so your dog won’t have any bad experience by wearing it.

  • Breathable and padded mesh

The breathable and padded mesh is especially beneficial for dogs with sensitive skin. It improves ventilation of the skin and can be worn throughout the year. Mesh fabric is great to be worn in the summer because it prevents a dog from overheating.

Besides, the X-shape is suitable for dogs who tend to pull a lot because it relocates the pressure to the chest area. In that way, your dog won’t experience restricted breathing and will feel relaxed and confident during walks.

  • Adjustable points

Please, do not buy French bulldog harnesses without adjustable points. Adjustable straps help you customize the size according to your pet’s body. Since your pooch will change weight and shape as he grows, this is an important fact to consider.

  • Sporty design

The sporty design is perfect for everyday wear. That’s how you’ll make your dog comfortable and safe. Since we all know that our pets love to roll in the grass, jump, and run, wearing a well-secured and pleasant harness is priceless. Therefore, if you live with a playful and lively pooch, I suggest you choosing comfort over fashion.

  • Reflective parts

I especially like the reflective thread that improves the visibility of my dog during evening walks. Reflective French bulldog harnesses are a must have for safety-conscious dog owners. It will help you to find your pooch in darkness and protect him from cars if they happen to appear near the road.

  • Durable buckles and back handle

A handle on the dog’s back serve to help dogs who deal with mobility issues. At the same time, the handle is especially practical to use when your puppy is still small and it seems unable to jump into the car or climb the stairs. Besides, the handle can be used to save the dog from unplanned dangerous situation.

Our pick

  • adjustable straps
  • available in different colors
  • X-shape that prevents pulling behavior
  • reflective threads
  • back handle to help dogs who deal with mobility issues

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