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Breathable French Bulldog Harness by Frenchie World

After so many harnesses I tried on my Frenchie, I decided to search for a harness-vest because it provides better support to a dog’s neck and spine. I must admit that choosing a harness vest for the summer season might sound challenging. It’s because I needed to find the fabric that won’t make my dog hot and uncomfortable when going to strolls. Since choosing a French bulldog harness can ease your dog’s walks and teach him good walking behavior, let’s find out what makes Breathable French bulldog harness a perfect choice for your pet.

breathable french bulldog harness

Why We Love Breathable French Bulldog Harness by Frenchie World?

  • Good choice for untrained puppies

If your pet is a stubborn walker, then you should definitely choose a harness over a collar. Frenchie harnesses not only provide better support but they also prevent a dog from pulling. Pulling behavior can be one of the triggers for neck and spine injuries, so wearing a harness is ‘a must-have’ item for small puppies. The Breathable French bulldog harness looks like a vest which can be especially handy when going to strolls. It means that you’ll have better control over your Frenchie. The vest has a wide chest part and covers a big part of a dog’s back too.

  • Good pick for warm weather

Since it’s made of mesh, your dog will get the essential ventilation and won’t feel hot while wearing it. The skin friendly fabric will suit the sensitive French bulldog’s skin and won’t cause irritations. The edges around the armpits are padded and carefully crafted, and the neckline is wide enough to prevent strangulation.

This French bulldog harness is also easy to dress because it features a Velcro and buckle closing on the back. Unlike other harnesses, this one doesn’t have many belts and straps that will make your dog uncomfortable.

  • Attractive pattern

This harness for a Frenchie is beautifully designed in thr ee patterns. The back part is inspired by the leopard pattern, while the chest part comes in monochrome color. 

  • Sun protection

Since this harness resembles a vest cut, it can be very useful to use it as a sun protection. Note that Frenchies have thin coats, so prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to redness and burns. 

  • Easy maintenance

Breathable French bulldog harness is easy to clean and dry. The good news is that your pooch can wear it even wet in the summer when you want to provide him/her with a cooling effect. You can hand wash this vest in cold water with detergent, and since it’s so lightweight and breathable, it will become dry in a very short time.

  • Adjustable neckline

You can adjust the neckline by customizing the small belt on a dog’s back. It also carries a metal D ring to attach the leash.


Our pick

  • breathable fabric, fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • carefully crafted edges
  • comes with a matching leash
  • ensured with adjustable straps and and D ring

Ideal pick for the summer season and warm weather in general.

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