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Bulldog, Striped & Swan Reversible Harness

If you’re one of those Frenchie owners who care for your dog’s style, then I’m sure you’re gonna love the Bulldog, Striped & Swan Reversible Harness. This French bulldog harness will make your pup ready for summer adventures by keeping it safe and pleasant during walks.

Why I love Bulldog, Striped & Swan Reversible Harness?

One of the best things about this Frenchie harness is the reversible pattern. Thanks to the cute girly design, your little batpig will become spotted at every corner. You can switch the sides whenever you want, and the breathable and soft fabric will gently wrap around your dog’s chest.

  • Breathable and lightweight fabric

When choosing a French bulldog harness for the summer season, it’s important to find one made of breathable fabric. In that way, your dog won’t overheat and will feel more pleasant while spending time outside in warm weather. French bulldogs can’t sustain wearing harnesses made of hard fabrics. They have sensitive skin and wearing unpleasant clothes or harnesses can make them develop allergic reactions.

  • X-shape design

X-shape design will keep your dog’s neck area free of choking. If you own a Frenchie puppy, this French bulldog harness will be a perfect choice because it relocates the pressure to the chest part. Therefore, it will be a good choice for untrained puppies as well.

  • Durable plastic buckles

When I first tried this Frenchie harness on my dog, I thought the buckles will easily open if my dog pulls the leash. However, I got very surprised by the quality because the plastic is solid, and the buckle parts perfectly fit.

  • Adjustable belt

The adjustable belt goes around the dog’s back, so you can customize it as your puppy grows. This feature also allows your dog to wear this harness over clothes in case you want to use it during colder months.

  • Gentle edges

Some Frenchies don’t feel comfortable wearing harnesses made of nylon webbing. They can cause cuts and blisters, especially around the armpit area during the shedding season. Thanks to padded edges, this French bulldog harness will gently cling onto the skin. Therefore, your pet will be able to perform any type of activity.

Our pick

  • Adjustable nylon webbing straps
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • Available in many colors and patterns, reversible design
  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Chest support for young puppies

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