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Canvas French Bulldog Harness Vest

What is the main feature that you look for when choosing the right harness for your French bulldog? Is it a quality fabric, comfort feeling, or a fancy design that will catch everyone’s eye? Well, if you want to find a French bulldog harness that will have all those qualities, then I’m sure you’ll love to have Canvas French bulldog harness vest.

Why we love Canvas French bulldog harness vest?

So far, I’ve tried so many harnesses on my Frenchie. From those bad ones to good ones, I always wanted to make sure my Frenchie feels comfy and pleasant to wear it. However, this French bulldog harness caught my eye. It’s because it looks like a vest from behind, but it’s actually a harness.

And, since every dog prefers a different harness, you have to find the right one that will allow your dog to breathe and move freely, by feeling safe at the same time.

For example, my Frenchie prefers wearing harness-vests. He’s a bit fearful, so harness-vests provides him emotional support too. For summer months I prefer using Mesh French bulldog harness vests because they allow the skin to breathe. Besides, they serve as protection from overheating, because a mesh vest will protect the dog’s skin from direct sun rays.

When I first tried the Canvas French bulldog harness vest on my batpig, I noticed that he can breathe normally and that the cut keeps his back in a healthy posture. I set the size around his neck and we went for a walk.

He walked and jumped around without showing any discomforts, and that was my main goal in choosing a harness for my Frenchie. When we finished with the stroll, I wanted to check whether my dog developed any skin irritation. Cuts, blisters, and redness were especially painful when I once tried an inappropriate harness on my pooch. I regretted it so much that I hadn’t tried it in short walks previously before I realized it didn’t suit my Frenchie.

So, if you’re interested to buy this French bulldog harness, here are the facts that thrilled me to use it on my dog.

  • Quality fabric

Well, you’ve heard this sentence more than a hundred times so far, but it’s one of the most important features to consider. A solid fabric will save your money and your pooch will use it for years. This harness has padded edges, so that’s why my pooch likes to wear it.

  • Adjustable neck area and chest part

You can set the size around your dog’s neck and to make sure it doesn’t restrict his breathing.

  • Modern design

This dog harness is available in many cute patterns and comes with a matching leash made of durable nylon webbing and canvas fabric. You can choose between many gorgeous patterns that will make your pooch spotted.

Our pick

  • adjustable straps
  • available in different colors
  • great for anxious dogs
  • easy to use
  • ideal pick for untrained puppies

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