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Day Of The Dead French Bulldog Reversible Harness

We all have been searching for both a safe and cute harness for French Bulldogs. Well, by wearing this one, your little gremlin will show both sides of his/her personality. This one will make your pet safe while also making him/her look like the cutest little creature ever! Day of the dad is a harness for dogs with attitude! 

Why I love the Day Of the Dead French Bulldog Reversible Harness?

This Frenchie harness is great to use because of a  reversible pattern, while the design will make your batpig  spotted at every corner! You and your dog will love how easy it is to switch sides whenever you want as well since there are no buckles or straps involved—just slip them in through loops around their chest area. The breathable fabric of this fashionable yet functional accessory makes for prime comfort too for both parties during walks or other outings together.

Breathable and lightweight fabric

In the summer season, it is important to find a French bulldog harness made of breathable fabric. This will prevent your dog from overheating and make him feel more comfortable while spending time outside in warm weather. If you choose a hard material for a harness like leather or pvc, this might irritate the skin that can lead to allergies making a dog uncomfortable.

Solid buckles

I was very surprised by this Frenchie harnesses quality. The durable plastic buckles were so solid that they tightly fit together, and I did not feel like my dog might be able to easily open them.

Neck-friendly cut

When it comes to the French bulldog harness, you should choose a neck-friendly one. This will relive pressure from around your dog’s neck and place in on its chest part which makes this ideal for untrained dogs as well because of increased control over their body movements.

Adjustable straps

The adjustable belt goes around the dog’s back and can be customized as your puppy grows. This feature also allows you to use it over clothes during colder months when going outside with thick puppy clothes is more difficult because of the size!

Padded and skin-friendly edges

A French Bulldog harness with padded edges will gently cling onto the skin. This means that your pet can perform any type of activity without causing cuts and blisters, especially during shedding season when there are more loose hairs around their armpits.

Our pick

  • Adjustable nylon webbing straps
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • Available in many colors and patterns, reversible design
  • Made of breathable mesh
  • Chest support for young puppies

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