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Exotic Vibes Summer French Bulldog Harness

Choosing the right French bulldog harness for the summer season might sound challenging because no dog would love to feel uncomfortable during walks. Since Frenchies have thin coats and sensitive skin, it’s important to choose a lightweight harness for hot sunny days.

What makes the Exotic Vibes Summer French Bulldog Harness perfect for your pooch?

You have a choice of two types when it comes to choosing walking gear for your French bulldog: collars and harnesses. Collar-type designs are often less expensive, but the downside is that they can cause neck injuries if misused or not used correctly. No matter how old you think your pup might be – we always recommend using them on adult and obedient pooches! On the other hand, French bulldog harnesses will be a safer option for young puppies that pull a lot when walking on the leash.

Breathable fabric

Frenchie harnesses made of breathable mesh will be perfect for all weather conditions. Mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe and will suit even dogs with sensitive skin that are prone to allergies. As we all know, these little gremlins are on a higher tendency to develop allergic reactions when coming in contact with harsh fabrics, chemicals, and allergens such as seasonal pollen, dust, and dirt.

Chest support

 The Exotic Vibes Summer French Bulldog Harness features a wide chest part that prevents pulling and fits nicely around the body without threading legs through hoops as other types do. The chest support relocates the pressure from the dog’s neck, so your pet won’t experience breathing issues if pulls a lot.

Adjustable design

Your dog will be more than happy to wear this Frenchie harness. The Exotic Vibes Summer French Bulldog Harness features one strap that goes around their belly, so they can go on walks without worrying about belts bothering them the whole time! This breathable material makes for an easy adjustment process as well- just leave two fingers to make your dog more comfortable while performing different activities.

Padded edges for gently fit

The edges have been double padded to prevent skin irritations and cuts. They snugly fit around the pup’s neck or armpits while keeping their spine in good posture! Since young dogs have extremely sensitive skin, wearing padded harnesses will keep them comfy and safe from injuries.

Our pick

French bulldog harness that is ensured with soft spongy and mesh inner side and reflective stripes to improve visibility. Available in gorgeous floral summer pattern, you’ll surely have a hard time choosing the prettiest one for your batpig. 

  • comes with reflective stipes that improve visibility
  • Velcro closure on the dog’s back
  • adjustable straps
  • quick-release buckle
  • metal D-ring

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