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Firm Modern Harness by Frenchie World

The unique French bulldog’s body proportion may represent an issue when you want to choose a harness for him/her. If you’ve just brought your new family member home, and you are having a dilemma whether to choose a collar or a harness for your French bulldog, my answer is that a harness should be the first item in a life of every dog. Today, I’m going to represent you with the Firm Modern harness by Frenchie World. It comes in many colors and it’s well-padded to ensure that your pet won’t feel uncomfortable wearing it.

firm modern harness by frenchie world

What are the benefits of using the Firm Modern harness by Frenchie World?


Since Frenchies have virtually no necks, they can easily take the collar off if they feel uncomfortable. This situation can be especially dangerous when you take your dog for a stroll. Since I’m also the owner of a male Frenchie, my advice is to invest in a quality dog harness that will make your pet both safe and comfortable.

French bulldog’s barrel chest and thick necks often represent an issue when buying clothes and harnesses.  The harness should prevent your dog from pulling, otherwise, he can get neck and spine injuries. When we talk about Frenchies, the cut of their harnesses should be lower than in basic ones. It means that the straps should not stay close to their neck area. The pressure should be put to the chest area so your dog can breathe normally even when he wants to pull.

The good thing about this Firm Modern harness by Frenchie World is that it has adjustable points and padded chest area. There is also a handle on a dog’s back which can present a helpful tool when you want to save your pet from danger. At the same time, the handle on a dog harness can be used to improve mobility in senior Frenchies who suffer from painful joints and arthritis. In other words, you can support your pooch to jump into the car or climb stairs.

Our pick

  • Breathable 100% soft polyester mesh.
  • Comfortable neck.
  • Adjustable chest belt with plastic clasp.

Why We Love It:
A simple dog harness is a staple for any small dog! This mesh dog harness is great for warmer months and dogs that don’t pull on leash too much. Comfortable and safe for your precious puppy.

This French bulldog harness also comes in many patterns. The sewing is reflective which is one more benefit when going for a walk in the evening. You can wash it in mild water with detergent and the buckles and D ring is very durable. My dog ​​has been using it for over 3 years, and if you consider the price, it’s really a good value for money.

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