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French Bulldog Camouflage Reversible Harness

Are you enough of buying French bulldog harnesses that crack or lose their shape after only several months of wearing? If you are searching for a quality dog harness that won’t cause skin irritations, cuts, or blisters, then this should become your next pick. French Bulldog Camouflage Reversible Harness is made of soft, breathable mesh and features padded edges, so your little gremlin will experience superior comfort when going to strolls.

Why we love French Bulldog Camouflage Reversible Harness?

Unlike other French bulldog harnesses, this one is specially tailored to suit summertime wearing. Your little pup will get the essential skin ventilation thanks to breathable mesh, and won’t develop redness, and itchiness.

Since some Frenchies react sensitively to some fabrics, their owners should choose a harness according to their dogs’ needs. If your dog is still untrained, this Frenchie harness will become the best tool for performing successful training lessons.

It relocates the pressure to the chest area, so your dog won’t get spine and neck injuries.  Besides, the collar size can be set by adjusting the points on the dog’s back. In that way, you’ll make sure that your dog feels relaxed, comfortable, and confident.

The attractive and reversible pattern is another feature that caught our eye. You can switch between two sides whenever you want and your dog will always look like he’s wearing a new one. The camouflage pattern is easy to match with different outfits, and the multiple color pattern suits both males and females.


When I tested this harness on my Frenchie, I noticed a difference in walking and he seemed to have more space to jump and run.


french bulldog camouflage reversible harness

Our pick

  • Great for training purposes
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Adjustable points
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • Free neck area

What is the difference between summer and winter French bulldog harnesses?

During the summer season, French bulldogs should wear lightweight harnesses made of mesh. Mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe and fits gently onto the skin.

On the other hand, you can choose French bulldog harnesses made of heavier fabrics for the winter season. There are plenty of dog vests that are filled with linning. On the other hand, if you prefer using strap harnesses, you can choose a nylon harness that your Frenchie can wear over a jacket or a hoodie.

Should I choose a harness or a collar for French bulldog puppy training lessons?

Dog harnesses provide better support to your pet’s body. They can feature multiple straps or come in the shape of a vest. Besides, they prevent a puppy from getting neck injuries from pulling. On the other hand, collars should also become part of your dog’s equipment. They serve to carry ID tags and are more suitable for adult pooches.

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