Harnesses For Frenchies

French Bulldog Champion Reversible Harness

If you care both about your dog’s style and safety, then you gotta see the following French Bulldog Champion Reversible Harness. Embellished with two sporty patterns, your pet will have an adorable outfit wherever he goes.

How to choose the right French bulldog harness?

First-time dog owners might find challenging to choose the right French bulldog harness. Unlike other dogs, these batpigs have uniquely-shaped bodies and restricted airways. Due to these facts, you should carefully choose clothes and other essentials for your pooch.

Choose the right type

When we talk about dog harnesses, not all of them are designed to be used on Frenchies. Besides back clip harnesses, we can also find a front clip, double-handled, and tightening harnesses. And, as one of the best to use on Frenchies during their puppyhood would be those with a back clip or double handles. Harness with a back clip provides your dog better support to spine and hips, while a double-handled harness is perfect for pooches who need help when jumping into the car or climbing the stairs.

Fabric is important too

For smaller puppies, vets usually recommend buying harnesses made of breathable mesh or padded and spongy fabrics. They won’t cause skin irritations, cuts or blisters that can be very painful. Note that Frenchies have only one layer of coat, so choosing a quality harness is over needed.

Our pick

  • breathable mesh fabric fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • adjustable belt and plastic buckle
  • reversible pattern
  • can be worn throughout the year
  • ideal for untrained Frenchies

Why We Love French Bulldog Champion Reversible Harness?

  • Reversible patterns

One of the first things we love about this Frenchie harness is the adorable pattern. You can switch the side you prefer and your pet will actually have two patterns of different colors and styles. The first pattern is inspired by rugby sport details, while the second side is decorated with black and white stripes.

  • Breathable fabric

The French Bulldog Champion Reversible Harness is made of breathable mesh on the inside and quality and soft polyester print on the outside. Therefore, your dog can wear it throughout the year because the mesh will allow his skin to breathe.

  • Padded edges

To provide your dog with extra comfort, they’ve padded all the edges. This feature is extremely important to take into account if your dog tends to pull a lot.

  • Durable metal buckles

Another thing that we love about this harness are the metal buckles. Unlike plastic buckles, they can’t crack, so this feature means more safety for your Frenchie.

  • Easy-to-Clean fabric

Printed polyester and breathable mesh are easy to clean and fast-dry, so your Frenchie will always have a ready outfit for everyday use.

  • Prevents pulling behavior.

The metal D ring is placed on a dog’s back, while the chest part is tailored in X-shape that prevents from pulling. This feature also makes it suitable for younger puppies that haven’t been taught to obediently walk on the leash.

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