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French Bulldog Duck Dog Backpack Harness Set

How many times did you want to make your furry friend look both safe and spotted when exploring the great outdoors? Well, if you ask me, I’m one of those owners who enjoys picking clothes and accessories for my Frenchie. With their cuddly faces and affectionate natures, we cannot remain cold-hearted. That’s why I decided to introduce you to the cutest French bulldog harness you could ever see. It’s actually 2 in 1 product and features both a harness and a tiny backpack for your little gremlin.

Why we love the French Bulldog Duck Dog Backpack Harness Set?

When I first saw this Frenchie harness, I thought it’s an unnecessary item in my Frenchie’s gear. However, thanks to a duck backpack, it can serve multiple purposes.

Cute duck backpack

The backpack on this French bulldog harness can be used for carrying potty bags, snacks, and other small essentials for your furry gremlin. It’s soft, lightweight, and made of breathable mesh fabric. The zipper closure is easy to open and close and the size L/XL comes with double backpacks on both sides.

Since the backpack is attached with plastic buckles, you can also use this dog harness without the backpack as needed.

Lightweight fabric

The breathable mesh is especially convenient for summer use.  Since my Frenchie doesn’t seem comfortable wearing harnesses that are made of thick fabrics, I choose only types that are made of mesh or lightweight fabrics. The mesh allows my Frenchie’s skin to breathe and get the essential cooling effect in hot weather.

Practical pick when spending a day outdoors

Thanks to a backpack, chest support, and durable nylon straps, this French bulldog harness will be suitable to use throughout the year.

Neck-Friendly cut

My little piglet doesn’t feel the pressure around the neck when wearing this harness. And, we all have to agree that it’s one of the most important features to consider when picking the harnesses for these little gremlins. French bulldogs, like all other brachycephalic skulled dogs, should wear harnesses and clothes that won’t strain their necks. Whether you buy a jacket, hoodie, or any other item for your pooch, considering the type/cut of a neckline is the first thing to pay attention to.

Our pick

A breathable and lightweight design makes this dog harness one of the best picks for untrained puppies. It doesn’t make a pressure to the dog’s neck and helps him/her to easier learn good walking behavior.

  • made of nylon webbing and breathable mesh
  • decorated cute duck backpacks on a dog’s back
  • available in many sizes
  • adjustable straps
  • metal D ring and buckles

Durable straps

The chest and side straps are fully adjustable, so your furry friend will have a customizable fit wherever you go. Whether he/she wears is over jackets or hoodies for Frenchies, the adjustable straps allow you to set the size that will make your pet pleasant. The straps are made of nylon webbing that is soft and has waxed edges for better comfort.

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