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French Bulldog Frog Dog Backpack Harness Set

If you thought that you already have seen everything from the Frenchie harnesses, believe me, you haven’t. This incredibly cute French Bulldog Froggy Dog Backpack Harness Set is the craziest item your dog gotta own. And, I’ll tell you the reasons why I bought it for my Frenchie too.

When to use a French Bulldog Froggy Dog Backpack Harness Set?


Harnesses for French bulldogs come in different shapes, fabrics, and quality. However, why not jump out of the track sometimes? That was the first thing came to my mind when I decided to buy this crazy-looking dog harness.

On one hand, it’s a sturdy Frenchie harness. However, it also comes with a lovely frog backpack on a dog’s back. So, what does it serve?

Well, you may or may not saw dogs wearing backpacks when going hiking with their owners. They serve to put your dog’s food or a bottle of water for your pet. On the other hand, you can’t expect from your French bulldog that will join you in hiking. Their brachycephalic skulls make it an impossible mission.

However, this French Bulldog Froggy Dog Backpack Harness Set may help you when you want to cool off your dog in the summer. But, how? Well, I came to an idea to use it as a ‘walking fridge’. I put a frozen small bottle of water on my Frenchie’s back when we go for a stroll in the summer. As my dog walks, the water will start to dissolve and will serve as a cooling tool on his back.

Sounds weird, right?


Another reason why I love to use this Frenchie harness is to put my dog’s treats and dry kibble when I know we won’t be home soon. At any moment, my Frogdog can now have a reward for showing obedience. As the last reason why I use it is because of the lovely design. The cute frog is perfect when I want my dog to look special.

The features of French Bulldog Froggy Dog Backpack Harness Set


This French bulldog harness can be used throughout the year. Since it’s made of breathable mesh, your dog won’t overheat. The straps are made of a solid nylon webbing. Therefore, you can be sure that you can use it for years.

The D ring is made of metal and it’s well sewn into the webbing. And what is most important, the straps are adjustable. So, you can adjust the size as your frogdog grows.

Our pick

The best and the coziest mesh harness you can buy!

Hop into a great look with the French Bulldog Froggy Dog Backpack Harness Set.

  • High quality soft cotton with padded mesh inner provide a better holding for your beloved pet to ensure your dog will be safe and comfortable.
  • Large Capacity – carry food, water bottles, poop bags, toys, first aid, or other daily supplies become more easily, fits up to 2kg weight
  • Fully adjustable chest and side straps allow for a fit that can be customized to suit your pets.
  • Feature a sturdy D-ring for easy leash attachment, Perfect for everyday walk, weekend party and service dog use, or just making your pet look its best.

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