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French Bulldog ‘Love’ Reversible Harness

So far, we’ve reviewed dozens of French bulldog harnesses and we will continue helping dog owners to find the best for their pets. French Bulldog ‘Love’ Reversible Harness is one of the cutest harnesses you’ll find for your Frenchie. The reversible pattern will always make you have a different harness when going to strolls while keeping your pet confident and safe.

french bulldog reversible harness

Why we love French Bulldog ‘Love’ Reversible Harness?

Soft and quality fabric

The first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this harness is the soft and breathable fabric. We can actually describe it as spongy because it shapes according to your dog’s body.

The padded edges are another feature we love. In that way, the Frenchie harness won’t irritate the skin or cause blisters, and cuts. How many times have you bought a harness for your dog that was made of nylon webbing, and other solid fabrics that caused him uncomfy during longer walks? Well, before you next time rush to buy such a harness, we suggest you consider your dog’s skin type.

It’s important to note that Frenchies have thinner coats, so they are susceptible to develop skin irritations if something bothers their skin. That’s why their owners should pay special attention when choosing clothes and other items for their little gremlin.

Attractive Pattern

If you love making your dog spotted, then the French bulldog ‘Love’ Reversible Harness should become your pick. You can switch sides and match it with the rest of your dog’s outfit. One side is emblazoned with cute pink hearts and Frenchies’ heads, while another one features delicious donuts and black and white stripes.

Easy to dress

Thanks to a buckle on the dog’s back, you’ll be able to put this Frenchie harness on your dog in a minute. The main part covers the chest part, and relocates the pressure from the neck.

Adjustable points

The straps that go around the dog’s belly and back are adjustable. In that way, you’ll be able to choose the size and make your dog more comfortable during strolls.

Hand washable

The fabric of this French bulldog harness is easy to clean. The dirt can be cleaned with water and soap. Besides, your pooch can wear it wet in the summer when you want to provide him/her with a pleasant cooling effect.

Durable buckles

The buckles are made of metal and the harness has 2 D-rings. The first one is set on the back, while the second one can be used to hook up no-pulling leash.

Our pick

  • Great for training purposes
  • Metal D rings
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Adjustable point
  • Padded edges
  • Breathable mesh inside, spongy and soft fabric outside

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