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French Bulldog No-Pull Nylon Harness by Frenchie World

Bring a French bulldog puppy home is undeniably one of the best moments in your life. However, if you’re a first-time dog owner, it might be difficult to make the list of essentials you’ll need for your dog. That’s why I’m going to represent you with the best harness for French bulldog puppies. French Bulldog No-Pull Nylon Harness can rule both juniors and seniors thanks to no-pull feature and quality craftmanship.

Why to use French Bulldog No-Pull Nylon Harness by Frenchie World?

One of the most important features I like on this Frenchie harness is the breathable mesh and padded edges. Since French bulldog puppies are known to have sensitive skin, you should choose a harness that will make them comfortable to wear.
french bulldog no-pull nylon harness
  • quality and skin-friendly fabric

The outer side of the harness is made of nylon, which is can be a very handy when we talk about the part of cleaning. Besides you can wash it in cold water, this harness is also easy to clean by using a wet cloth. The inside layer made of breathable mesh will provide a pet with essential ventilation and won’t irritate the skin. Therefore, your Frenchie puppy will feel comfy to wear it and won’t feel hot during warmer months.

The padded and soft edges are another characteristic I like to use this Frenchie harness on my dog. They snugly fit around the armpits and neck area without causing irritations and cuts on the skin.

  • adjustable size

Thanks to four adjustable points, French Bulldog No-pull Nylon Harness can be used on dogs of all ages. You can set the sizing according to the dog’s body shape and age. 

  • no-pull design

A good no-pull dog harness should fit snugly without putting the pressure or restrictions on the dog’s front legs. The pressure should be put on the chest area without causing a choke feeling around the neck as well. 

  • easy to put on and take off

A bonus point when choosing a French bulldog harness is to find the one that will be easy to put on and take off. That’s exactly one of the reasons why many people choose this harness for their dogs. Forget about slipping straps that go over your dog’s head. 


Our pick

  • breathable mesh fabric, fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • adjustable points
  •  reflective points

Your Frenchie will feel many benefits by using this French Bulldog No-Pull Nylon Harness because it improves the dog’s posture. The stripes are adjustable and are strengthen with high-quality plastic buckles. The edges are well-padded so your pooch won’t get any cuts and irritations on the skin. The harness comes in many colors and presents a great pick for French bulldogs of all ages!

Why and when to use no-pull dog harnesses on Frenchies?

Since it’s almost impossible to stop an untrained puppy from pulling, using a no-pull dog harness is over needed. As the name suggests, no-pull dog harnesses minimize the dog’s ability to tug hard thanks to two clips/metal rings. One is placed at the front part, while the second one is put on the dog’s back. Depending on your dog’s walking behavior, you can choose the one that suits him better.

Using collars at an early age is not advisable since they put the pressure on the Frenchies’ necks. Note that French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, so they’re naturally prone to issues with breathing. Therefore, using a French bulldog harness on puppies is highly recommended until they show a good walking behavior.

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