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French Bulldog Soft Padded Harness

You’ve probably heard much advice about how to choose the right harness for a French bulldog. There are different types of harnesses such as mesh, nylon, leather, and soft-padded, and today we will talk about Soft-Padded harness for a Frenchie.

Soft-padded harnesses are usually made of durable nylon that and are covered by padded flannel. Unlike basic nylon harnesses that can cause irritations in some dogs, padded harnesses are soft on touch but still strong enough to sustain a dog’s force.

Since French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from skin irritations, padded harnesses will prevent their skin from redness and itchiness.  They don’t stitch the dog’s hair and remove the pressure from a Frenchie’s neck and collocate it to its back.

What is the best harness for a French bulldog?

So far, I tried many harnesses on my Frenchie but the following one definitely made the best impression. Frenchie World Soft-padded harness has a unique design that distributes pressure throughout the dog’s chest and prevents choking and hurting its throat.

It is so lightweight and has a resizable chest belt that will be more convenient to fit comfortably on your pooch. Another thrilling fact is that it has two D rings (one on its back and one on the neck). The D ring on the neck serves to carry a dog’s ID tag with your Frenchie’s name and your phone number, while on a D-ring on its back you can hook the leash.

Unlike other harnesses I tried on my dog, the buckle on this one is made of high-grade plastic. It really matters because, on previous harnesses, the buckle used to break or open accidentally while having a stroll. I don’t even want to think about what could happen if my Frenchie tried to run away.

The Frenchie World Soft-padded harness is available in three colors and different sizes. Before you complete your order, make sure to measure your puppy.  You need to leave a space for two fingers around your Frenchie’s neck and chest when taking the measures.

The last feature that really attracted me to buy this harness is the reflective seams. They shine at night when car lights go in our direction while having a stroll.

Our pick

The best frenchie harness you can buy.

Why we love it: Simply because it’s a perfect fit for any french bulldog out there. Soft on the inside, well made stitches, the dogs adapt to it within seconds. Fabulous harness!

Frenchie World Soft-padded harness reviews

According to the customers’ reviews, they also share similar opinions. Unlike other harnesses they’ve purchased, this one is very soft and nicely padded. This helps tremendously on walks as it doesn’t choke a dog nor aggravates the throat area. The front ring is ideal. They switch to this when a dog is pulling really hard or when it stops focusing on commands. Therefore, it’s great for training as it makes the dog automatically stop pulling and focus more on the training and on the person walking the dog.

frenchie world soft padded harness

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