Harnesses For Frenchies

French Bulldog Spinal Support Breathable Padded Harness

If your Frenchie has tried several harnesses so far and none of them fit him well, make his skin irritated or uncomfy, then it’s the ultimate time to try this French Bulldog Spinal Support Breathable Padded Harness. It is 360-degree shaped and will fit your dog’s body from all angles.

The benefits of using French Bulldog Spinal Support Breathable Padded Harness

So far, I tried many French bulldog harnesses on my dogs, however, this one is pretty much different from the rest. A unique cut represents the perfect pick for a French bulldog breed because it covers all the critical parts. It provides support both to a dog’s chest and back part. Since the 360-degree system helps in keeping a dog’s spine in a healthy position, you can stay calm-minded about your pet’s safety.

High-quality fabric

Another reason why I liked it is because of the fabric. This French bulldog harness is made of breathable cationic fabric and lightweight soft pad. The edges are so carefully made, so there’s no way that your pooch will become irritated. I hated the most to see red lines, cuts, or even blisters on places where the belts are. When I first was this French Bulldog Spinal Support Breathable Padded Harness, I thought that my dog will feel uncomfy to wear it. However, he didn’t show any strange behavior, and I realized that the harness actually shapes according to the dog’s body thanks to a sponge adding.

Extra padding 

Since It has a thickening sponge on the chest area, this harness is perfect for untrained puppies. Teaching a dog to walk on a leash will flow much easier because the double sponge layer prevents pressure on the dog’s neck.

Harness for anxious dog

Thanks to 360 degree support and a vest shape, this Frenchie harness represents the ideal pick for for anxious and stubborn batpigs. The confined feeling that this harness vest provides will calm a dog while strolling, so it will be less prone to pull and cause neck injuries.



Our pick

  • foamy design, well padded and carefully crafted edges
  • attractive design
  • round system for extra support
  • ensured with a plastic buckle and a metal D ring

Ideal pick for stubborn pooches who like to pull a lot. The extra foam padding transforms the pressure to the chest part. 

Should I choose a collar or a harness for a French bulldog puppy?


Since Frenchies belong to brachycephalic  dogs, my advice is to start the training process by using a harness. French bulldog collars are not good choice for untrained puppies because they  become seduced by outside odors and tend to pull. Unfortunately, it’s one of the causes for neck and spine injuries. This harness for French bulldogs can be used throughout the year and thanks to quality workmanship, your pet will get over needed support from an early age. 


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