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Frenchie World Multi Color “Leaves” Harness

We all know that teaching our dogs to obediently walk on the leash isn’t easy. It requires a lot of effort, training, and the right harness. The right French bulldog harness should keep your dog’s spine and hips in a healthy posture and should help you easier maneuver. The Frenchie World Multi Color Harness features high-quality fabric and relocated the pressure to the dog’s chest.

Why we love Frenchie World Multi Color Harness?

  • Pleasant fabric

One of the most important features to consider when buying a French bulldog harness is to choose a skin-friendly and soft fabric. My friend’s Frenchie shows really bad allergies to nylon harnesses, so that’s why I recommend you to think about your dog’s type of skin. If your French bulldog suffers from allergies and often shows skin irritations to different environmental allergens, then you have to choose both clothes and other items made of pleasant fabrics.

The Frenchie World Multi Color Harness is made of a sort of foamy fabric. It fits gently onto the skin, and the padded edges prevent redness and getting cuts. The inner side is made of breathable mesh, which is another reason why choose it for a French bulldog’s sensitive skin.

  • Attractive design

Thanks to a colorful design, this Frenchie harness is suitable both for males and females. Besides, it’s suitable to wear it throughout the year, regardless of the season.

  • Adjustable belts

Adjustable belts are made of nylon but they go on the dog’s back, so they won’t irritate the skin. You can set the size as your dog grows and the plastic buckles are made of solid plastic.

  • Easy to dress

Your dog will be ready in one go. The buckle is easy to close and open, and the cut of a harness will save you from adjusting numerous straps.

  • Perfect for great pullers

If your Frenchie is showing a pulling behavior, you can completely relax by using this French bulldog harness because it will relocate the pressure to the chest area. Besides, the neck area will be free, and your pet will be ready for any type of activity.

Our pick

  • Great for training purposes
  • Metal D rings
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Adjustable points
  • Free neck area
  • Prevents from chocking
  • Made of high-quality foamy fabric and breathable mesh

Why choose dog harnesses with mesh fabric?

Unlike other polyester fabrics, mesh fabric improves ventilation and allows skin to breathe. Therefore, your pooch will feel more pleasant when walking in hot weather and while performing different activities. We all know that dogs can sweat only through their paws, however, their bodies have to wear pleasant, and skin-friendly fabrics.

That’s how you’ll prevent your pet from allergies, and will help him regulate his temperature in the summer.

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