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Frenchie World Natural Leather Harness Set

Even though many dog owners will search for a quality, soft and padded French bulldog harnesses, there are also dog owners who want to provide their dogs with unique harnesses that can be worn on special occasions. Well, Frenchie World Natural Leather Harness Set is one of them. Besides it features dozens of spikes to make your dog look dangerous, this Frenchie harness is made of natural leathery. Therefore, this skin-friendly harness is a great option for Frenchies who suffer from allergies.

Why We Love Frenchie World Natural Leather Harness Set?

We all want to look special and spotted on special occasions, so why deprive our dogs for such moments. Since Frenchies simply can’t go unnoticed with their bat ears, flat faces, and plump bodies, it would be awesome to make them even more eye-catching. That’s why I prefer choosing the Frenchie World Natural Leather Harness for my dog when we go to someone’s birthday or some other special party or meeting.

The set contains a collar, harness, and leash. It is available in 2 variants (gold and silver), so you can choose the color you prefer more. Besides, it’s made of natural leather which can be very beneficial for dogs who are prone to rashes, irritations, and itchiness.

The adjustable size

The cut of the harness is inspired by traditional leather dog harnesses that come with buckles. The belts are adjustable, so you can set the size according to your Frenchie’s chest and neck circumference.

The Collar from this set can be worn as a fancy detail or when going to special strolls and meetings. It’s also adjustable and features a metal buckle and D ring to attach the leash. The leash is made of durable metal chain, while the handle features a natural leather to make your strolls more pleasant.

French bulldog friendly cut

Unlike other harnesses, this one features a low neckline. Therefore, your dog will feel comfy to wear. The pressure is moved to the chest area which is very important to consider when owning a Frenchie who likes to pull.  

Our pick

  • fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • skin-friendly natural leather
  • adjustable belts
  • comes in a set with collar and leash
  • spikes are available in golden and silver colors

Why choose natural leather over other fabrics?

Since French bulldogs often show irritations to artificial fabrics, wearing a harness made of natural leather can prevent them from skin allergies. Skin allergies in Frenchies are often followed by itchiness, cuts, blister, and redness that can grow into a severe problem if left untreated. Therefore, I highly recommend French bulldog owners to choose padded Frenchie harnesses.

Besides, the cut of a harness also plays an important role too. The neckline is highly important in order to prevent choking. Note that Frenchies have restricted airways, so choosing a harness with a low neckline is essential.

Cleaning & Care

Since this French bulldog harness is made of natural leather, you can clean it with wet baby wet wipes or other creams that are specially designed for items made of natural leather. However, when you apply such a product, make sure the harness and collar are completely dry before wearing.

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