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Mesh Harness For a French Bulldog

You’ve probably heard that mesh harnesses are advisable to use of French bulldogs for many reasons. They not only help them to feel comfortable during summertime but also don’t strain the sensitive French bulldog skin. Today, we will talk about LOVE Paw Mesh Harness for a French bulldog.

When I first saw this dog harness, I thought it would last for two months or so because it’s very soft in touch. As time went on, I noticed that my Frenchie enjoys wearing it and I guess it’s because it doesn’t irritate the armpit area and my dog’s neck.

Today is exactly a year and a half when I bought this mesh harness and I can tell you that it still works. It didn’t change its shape and strength and the only thing you need to do is to wash it in cold water when gets dirty.

Why choose a mesh harness for a French bulldog?

Mesh dog harnesses are great to use on dogs that are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke. Unfortunately, Frenchies are one of those because they have flat muzzles and elongated soft palates. Unlike other French bulldog harnesses made of thick fabrics, the mesh harness for a French bulldog is breathable and allows your dog’s skin to release needless heat.

The third reason why to use a mesh harness is that it shapes according to your dog’s body. In other words, as your pooch jumps, walks, digs, the mesh harness will follow your dog’s moves. The softness and flexibility mean a lot when buying a dog harness.

Our pick

The best and the coziest mesh harness you can buy!

Why we love it: A simple dog harness is a staple for any small dog! This mesh dog harness is great for warmer months and dogs that don’t pull on leash too much. Comfortable and safe for your precious puppy.

  • Breathable 100% soft polyester mesh.
  • Comfortable neck.
  • Adjustable chest belt with plastic clasp.
  • “LOVE” Paw Rubber Patch

Why I choose this mesh harness for my Frenchie?

This is the harness I would recommend to all owners of brachycephalic dog breeds. Boston terriers, Pugs, and other small breeds can experience lots of benefits by wearing it. It comes at a decent price and good quality.

This was actually one of the first harnesses I bought for my little frog dog when I wanted to teach him to obediently walk on the leash. And, what’s most important, my Frenchie walked in a good manner by keeping his spine and hips in a correct position. 

This harness is well sewn, and the edges are padded to make sure they’ll not scratch the puppy’s skin. The area around the neck is enough wide to prevent choking when a dog is pulling.

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