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Polka Dots French Bulldog Harness, Collar & Leash Set by Frenchie World

Just when I thought I will stop buying harnesses for my Frenchie, I saw this lovely Polka Dots French Bulldog Harness, Collar & Leash Set. The main reason why I decided to buy it was because of the thin straps that are great for dogs who don’t like to feel multiple straps on their bodies.

Why some dogs don’t like to wear harnesses?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Just like some humans don’t love to wear turtle neckline sweaters, so some dogs can’t stand wearing harnesses. Dog harnesses provide a confined feeling and can make dogs uncomfortable. They feel a dose of pressure to certain spots on their bodies, so it can take weeks and weeks to make them feel relaxed.

So, before you decide to buy a harness for a French bulldog, it’s essential to determine what type will work best for your pet. You can choose between two main categories- step-in harness and over-head dog harness.

Polka Dots French Bulldog Harness, Collar & Leash Set

In my opinion, step-in French bulldog harnesses represent a much better option because the dog just needs to step into it. On the other hand, over-head French bulldog harnesses will be a better pick for senior dogs who deal with certain mobility issues.

Why do I love Polka Dots French Bulldog Harness, Collar & Leash Set?

As I already mentioned, this harness is the perfect pick for nervous and anxious pups. Since the straps are thin, your pooch won’t feel the pressure on certain points and will be able to move freely. Besides, it can be especially comfortable to wear in during warmer months. Note that vest harnesses can make the dog feel hot and unpleasant and that’s the last thing you want to happen to your Frenchie.

Our pick

  • made of nylon webbing
  • decorated with lovely polka dots
  • available in many sizes and colors
  • adjustable straps
  • metal D rings and buckles
  • the set consists of a collar, leash, and harness


The harness is made of nylon webbing straps that feature a waxed coating. Therefore, your dog’s skin won’t become red and irritated.

Reasonable price

You can buy each item separately or make a wonderful set that will last for years. The set consists of a harness, leash, and collar. A French bulldog collar is meant for adult dogs who have already learned to obediently walk on the leash. In that way, you’ll escape unplanned neck and spine injuries in your pet.

Attractive design

As you can see, the design is sooo girly! Polka dots never go out of style and you can choose between many pastel colors. P.S. Pink-Lilac is my favorite one!

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