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Professional French bulldog harness by Frenchie World

Are you searching for a Professional French bulldog harness that will provide your pet the over needed body support? This French bulldog harness is made to fit the short and stout Frenchie’s body without making pressure on its neck.

What are the benefits of using the Professional French bulldog harness by Frenchie World?

If you’ve just brought a Frenchie puppy home and you want to teach it a good walking behavior,  then you need a harness that will keep his spine and hips in a proper posture. French bulldogs have a thick chest part, so it might be challenging to find a harness that will make them comfortable. Since obedient walking behavior can’t be learned overnight, you need a lot of will, effort, and quality Frenchie harness. By having a good training tool (in this case it’s the harness), you’ll escape the potential neck injuries in your pet and will ease the process of teaching. 

Luckily, the Professional French bulldog harness fits pooches of all ages. Therefore, your dog can use it from an early age and thanks to adjustable straps, you’ll be able to set the size as the dog grows. The straps that go around the dog’s front legs are set in a way that will prevent irritations. They are actually sewn onto the padded vest and its edges are softly crafted.

The nylon webbing straps will last for years, while the fabric of the vest that has been put on the chest prevents pulling behavior. The low cut around the dog’s neck prevents choking by moving the pressure on the chest and back area. It has four adjustable points and the quick release buckles made of solid plastic.

Our pick

  • available in 8 colors
  • Comfortable neck.
  • Adjustable chest belt with plastic clasp.
  • metal D ring to attach the leash
  • padded with a soft and solid fabric

Why We Love It:
You’ll be able to get a harness that fits Frenchies of different ages. It is crafted to suit the unique French bulldog’s body proportions by moving the pressure to the chest and back area. It’s perfect to use for training lessons when a puppy is still not taught to obediently walk beside the owner.  

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