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Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

Providing a dog with a good harness will mean a lot not only for his health but will also help in easing the training lessons. Besides buying a basic Frenchie harness that you can use on your dog daily, it’s essential to have a fancy harness that will make your pet look like a million-dollar baby! This Reflective French bulldog Rhinestone Harness has all the features that a quality harness should have.

When to use Reflective French bulldog Rhinestone Harness?

Whether you own a Frenchie or some other small dog breed, a collar can pull its neck too forcefully during walks.  A harness fastens around your Frenchie’s body and has a leash loop near the shoulders, which takes the pressure off your dog’s neck. Harnesses seem like a better option for small dog breeds because their spines and necks are sensitive. And, since there are tons of harnesses for Frenchies, you need to know to choose one that will fit your pet’s personality and needs.

Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

What makes this harness a good fir for your French bulldog?

  • Breathable fabric

Since we are all familiar with the fact of the Frenchies’ sensitive skin, my advice is to choose a breathable fabric for a harness. It will prevent your pooch from overheating and will not cause itchiness and uncomfortable feeling.

French bulldogs are on a higher tendency to get a heatstroke and harnesses made of mesh are perfect to wear on hot weather.

  • Solid straps

Your dog’s safety should be put in the first place. Both harnesses and collars for French bulldogs should be made of durable fabrics because in that way you’ll not only save your money, but you’ll also feel safe to have a stroll with your pooch.

Younger dogs tend to escape from curiosity, so it’s better to think wisely when determining the material of the fabric. At the same time, solid fabrics are usually made of nylon that can cause scratches. So, the key is to choose a padded nylon harness that will provide a pleasant effect on your dog’s skin.

  • Adjustability

Whether or not you own an adult dog or a puppy, it’s always better to choose an adjustable harness. The straps on this Frenchie harness are easy to adjust, so you can set the size as your pup grows.

  • Cute girly design

Hundreds of zircons applied on the back of this harness will provide your pup a final touch when you want her to look fashionable and special. It’s great to wear on different occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and other meetings. The bow put on a dog’s back comes as a cherry on top.

  • Reflective design

Another great feature of this Frenchie harness is the reflective sewing. It will make your dog visible at night when the light of the car will reflect on the harness.   

Our pick

The best and the coziest mesh harness you can buy!

  • Made with a soft, breathable but DURABLE genuine suede leather
  • Rhinestone details
  • Woven binding provides durability
  • Dual leash attachment
  • Easy hook & loop closure
  • 3 colors

This stylish harness is perfect for nervous dogs since it doesn’t go over their head. It’s also great for people with reduced hand mobility since it secures with a hook & loop closure!

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