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Safari Zebra French Bulldog Harness

If you’re still wondering what will be the best harness for a French bulldog, the answer is quite simple. The best harness for your Frenchie will be the one that will make him safe, pleasant, and confident during strolls. Even if you buy the most expensive harness in the world, the comfort of your dog will not be guaranteed. After so many French bulldog harnesses were reviewed, I found Safari Zebra French Bulldog Harness as one of the best picks for untrained pooches.

Safari Zebra French Bulldog Harness

How to pick the right French bulldog harness for your pup?

Even if you’re a first-time dog owner, you shouldn’t be worried about choosing the right harness. The main feature to search for when buying a Frenchie harness is a pleasant fabric and a low neckline. Since these little gremlins have thick and short necks and flat skulls, they’re on a higher tendency to suffer from breathing issues.

Therefore, the cut of a harness will play the greatest role in making your pet comfortable on the leash. These proud four-legged friends of unusual build are prone to choking, so wearing collars would not be a good choice for untrained pooches. French bulldog collars are suitable only for adult dogs who don’t pull and behave obediently on the leash.

Why we love Safari Zebra French Bulldog Harness?

  • Pleasant and breathable fabric

As we already mentioned, the fabric is of great importance for French bulldog skin. This dog harness is made of breathable mesh and a soft outer layer that doesn’t restrict the dog’s activities. Your pet can wear it throughout the year and, especially during the summer season when a dog needs to wear a breathable layer on his body.

  • Attractive design

Who won’t like to see a fresh and trendy pattern on a Frenchie? This harness is available in bright blue color and has been decorated with a zebra pattern. The harness features padded lycra edges for silky touch around armpits and neck. Since these little batpigs have one-layered coats, padded edges represent perfect prevention against skin irritations.

  • Affordable price

You can buy a harness separately at a very affordable price or make a matching pair with a poo bag.

  • Matching potty bag

A matching potty bag can be of great help when going on strolls. Cleaning the environment after your dog is prescribed by law, so I recommend you to always take it when going outdoors.

  • Adjustable straps

The straps are adjustable, so your pooch can safely use this harness during the period of growth. Your puppy’s body will change, and its weight will vary month after month. Therefore, a French bulldog harness with adjustable straps is an over-needed item for pawing through different life stages.

  • Ideal for untrained puppies

No dog is born learned. To live with an obedient and well-mannered pooch, you have to invest plenty of time and energy in his training.

Our pick

  • Emblazoned with printed Zebras
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • Lycra-padded edges
  • Chest support for young puppies
  • Neck-Friendly cut
  • Durable buckles
  • Adjustable points

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