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Senior French Bulldog Harness- Full Body Dog Lifting Harness

If you live with a senior French bulldog who started to express issues with mobility, then you might start searching for a French bulldog harness that will ease his/her strolls. Orthopedic dog harnesses provide better support to a dog’s spine and feature practical handles on the back.

Arthritis and hip dysplasia are the most common health issues that affect older Frenchies.  Hip dysplasia is a condition where the ball and the socket don’t fit properly, so the head of the femur bone becomes misshapen. As a result, a dog starts to go through severe pains, becomes unable to jump, goes upstairs and downstairs, and can’t sleep in a normal position.

To help your Frenchie to easier go to the potty, I decided to represent you with a Senior French bulldog harness by Frenchie World. It comes with two handles on a dog’s back and will provide the essential abdomen support.

What does Senior French bulldog harness feature?

Unlike regular and basic-looking French bulldog harnesses, this one has extra belts and handles. Instead of two main straps that usually go over the dog’s chest area and the belly, this one features three transverse belts. If you look at it in detail, you’ll notice that the Senior French bulldog harness covers a bigger part of the body.

It is designed to lift both abdomen and hips by using a specially–designed dog leash for orthopedic harnesses. Therefore, the pressure isn’t concentrated only to one area. The second handle on the back can be used when you want to help the dog to jump into the car.

Our pick

  • breathable mesh fabric inside, fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • two handles on a dog’s back
  • specially made for senior dogs
  • adjustable points
  •  reflective points

 The handles can be used when you want to help your Frenchie to jump into the car, climb the stairs, and lie on your bed. The reflective thin straps on the edges will keep your dog visible in the evening, while the pressure is evenly distributed without making a stress on any part of the body. The neckline is wide enough to prevent air restriction, and the straps are adjustable, so you can set the size according to your French bulldog’s needs.

The pleasant breathable mesh in the inner side will gently cohere to the dog’s skin without causing discomfort. Therefore, the Senior French bulldog harness can be used throughout the year thanks to such characteristic. 

The belts are adjustable, so you can customize the size to fit your Frenchie properly. They are made of nylon webbing and to make your Frenchie comfy, you shouldn’t set them too tight. Thanks to a marvelous durability, this Frenchie harness will support your dog for years.

Reflective parts is another feature that I need to mention. It can be especially handy when going to strolls in the evening. Besides tiny reflective straps on the harness’ padded exterior, you’ll also find a reflective sewing all around it.

When to use Senior French bulldog harness by Frenchie World?


  • You can use it if you dog got an injury or if he’s going through a recovery of a surgery.
  •  It can be especially beneficial for Frenchies that suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • It is designed to lift hips and abdomen together to reduce the pressure off of one area so your pooch won’t experience a discomfort on a specific part of the body.
  • Helps with climbing the stairs, jumping into the car, taking bathroom breaks or going outside for a stroll.

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