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Soft Breathable Rainbow French Bulldog Harness by Frenchie World

Choosing a harness over a collar for your Frenchie represents a life savior option. Since they have flat skulls and shortened nostrils, choosing a collar can make them prone to experience troubles with breathing. However, not every French bulldog likes the feeling that a harness provides. That’s why I decided to test the following Soft Breathable Rainbow French Bulldog Harness on my Frenchie.

Why to choose Soft Breathable Rainbow French Bulldog Harness?

Unlike other French bulldog harnesses, this one doesn’t come with numerous straps that would bother your dog. Instead, it looks like a vest and it’s made of breathable and stretchable mesh.

Therefore, your lovely gremlin will almost have a ‘naked feeling’ while wearing it. Besides, it’s perfect to use on anxious pups who don’t like something to weigh on their bodies.

The cut that looks like a vest proven helps dogs that haven’t gone through socialization lessons and tend to pull a lot.

Our pick

  • breathable mesh fabric fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • skin-friendly fabric
  • vest cut for nervous dogs
  • two handles on a dog’s back
  • adjustable belt and plastic buckle
  • comes with a matching leash and potty bag with one roll of poopbags

What does Soft Breathable French bulldog harness feature?

Skin-friendly fabric

Aside from the previously mentioned mesh fabric, this harness is great for puppies that are on a tendency to suffer from skin allergies. The fabric is soft and breathable, the edges are padded, so your dog won’t show skin irritations like cuts, redness, blisters, etc.

Takes up little space

Since the Soft Breathable Rainbow French Bulldog Harness is so lightweight, it will take up little space in your bag. Besides, it comes with a matching leash and a small potty bag where you can carry your keys or your dog’s disposable poop bags.

Durable straps

Even though this French bulldog harness doesn’t have many belts, it features one main strap that is hidden inside of the mesh to provide durability. It’s made of nylon webbing and you can adjust the size according to your Frenchie’s body.

The pressure is moved to the chest

If your dog didn’t go through lessons on how to obediently walk on the leash, then this is the right harness for him/her. The chest part is wide, so it will prevent your Frenchie’s neck from injuries while pulling. Small dogs such as Frenchies, can put a lot of tension on their short necks if they do the excessive pulling. 

Easy to put on and take off

Unlike other dog harnesses with many straps, this one is very easy to put on thanks to a plastic buckle and easy-to-wear cut. The x-shape will gently fit onto the dog’s body and will prevent the unwanted behavior.

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