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Soft Suede Leather Rhinestone Harness For A Frenchie

Frenchie harnesses come in many types and designs. When choosing the one for your Frenchie, it’s essential to figure out if he/she feels comfortable while wearing it. Today, I’m going to represent you with a Soft suede leather Rhinestone harness. According to many dog owners’ opinions, it’s perfect to wear on special occasions when you want to make your pet look fashionable and cute.

Why you should buy the Soft suede leather rhinestone harness?

At first sight, this harness might look like a harness with fancy details when you want to provide your pooch with a glamorous appearance. However, this could also be the harness that you can use daily because it’s made of soft leather.

As we already mentioned in our previous articles about Frenchie harnesses, the fabric plays an important role. French bulldogs have short coats and very, very sensitive skin. Therefore, the harnesses should be elastic so they can shape according to their bodies and should be made of soft materials.

Soft suede prevents a dog’s skin from irritations and developing blisters and cuts. It resembles real leather and gently touches the dog’s skin. Another great feature of this harness is the fact that it has dozens of shiny zircons. Zircons will help your Frenchie girl to stay visible and easily noticeable even when having a stroll in low light conditions.

The harness also has an adjustable buckle, so you can change the size as your four-legged princess grows.  It comes in three colors and contains a dual-leash attachment. The nickel-plated double D-rings are reinforced into the strong nylon webbing to provide a sturdy leash attachment. The woven binding provides durability, and since it doesn’t go over a dog’s head, it’s perfect for nervous dogs.

There are pooches that don’t like to feel the pressure around their necks, so that’s why harnesses present a better choice. They allow your Frenchie to walk comfortably without making an unpleasant feeling. By keeping your dog’s hips and spine in a proper position, you’ll be able to teach your Frenchie to properly walk on the leash.

Our pick

The best and the coziest mesh harness you can buy!

Your dog will look more fashionable than ever while staying secure and comfortable in our Rhinestone SOFT Dog Harness & Leash set.

This stylish harness is perfect for nervous dogs since it doesn’t go over their head. It’s also great for people with reduced hand mobility since it secures with a hook & loop closure!

Why choose a harness over collar for a French bulldog?

One of the most essential things to know when owning a Frenchie is that harnesses offer better control. You must agree that it’s very important when having a stroll in crowded streets. 

Since French bulldogs belong to small dog breeds with brachycephalic skulls, I need to note that by using a harness, you prevent them from having neck and spine injuries. They reduce strain from a dog’s neck and back. 


Another essential note is that Frenchie harnesses work great for tiny puppies when they get tired or you want to lift them out of danger. In case you own a senior Frenchie that suffers from painful joints and started to show symptoms of arthritis, using a harness can also be of great help.

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