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Spine Support French Bulldog Harness

One of the biggest concerns of every Frenchie owner is to find a harness that will provide spinal and hip support to their pets’ iconic bodies. French bulldogs have a specific body built, so their owners have to buy clothes and other items that are specially tailored to suit them. So, if your pooch is a stubborn puller, you have to find a French bulldog harness that will keep his neck free of pressure. The following Spine Support French Bulldog Harness makes your dog’s neck and chest area comfy by putting a control on his back.

Why we love Spine Support French Bulldog Harness?

Quality fabric and spine support

Spine Support French Bulldog Harness features a padded and spongy fabric that makes a dog relaxed and comfy during walks. Since it has soft and carefully crafted edges, your little gremlin won’t experience any troubles such as skin irritations, cuts, and blisters.

The combination of nylon and mesh makes complete support to a dog’s spine and hips. Since the fabric is not rough to the touch, every dog has ’a naked feeling’ while wearing it.

I also tried this harness on one of my Frenchies, and it worked great because the holes for the legs are not too tight. Besides, there is also an adjustable strap on the back, so you can set the size according to your pet’s needs.

Attractive design

Attractive and easy to match design was another reason why I decided to try this French bulldog harnessSpine Support French Bulldog Harness is available in 4 colors, and it comes with reflective threading to improve visibility in the dark.

Since it comes in colorful patterns, this harness is suitable to wear through all seasons. The mesh fabric allows the skin to breathe, which is very important to keep in mind during the hot weather. In that way, your dog’s skin gets the essential ventilation and won’t overheat due to exposure to sun rays.

Our pick

  • Great for training purposes
  • Metal D ring
  • Keeps the neck area free
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Adjustable point
  • Reflective thread

Ideal for untrained puppies

Spine support French Bulldog Harness is ideal to use on untrained puppies. It prevents a dog from pulling, promotes healthy posture and proper walking technique.

Easy to dress

Thanks to a single buckle on the back, your Frenchie will be ready for stroll in a minute. Besides, thanks to an adjustable strap, you can expand the width of this French bulldog harness, so your dog can even wear it over clothes.

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