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Suede Touch French Bulldog Harness

If dogs could talk, we’re quite sure they would tell us that wearing uncomfortable harnesses is one of the worst feelings in the world. Just imagine how you would feel wearing tight shoes. Our dogs might not be able to explain to us what bothers them, but we should know to read their body language. That’s why choosing the right French bulldog harness should take an important place on your shopping list. Suede Touch French Bulldog Harness is crafted from the finest fabric to suit even dogs with sensitive skin.

How to choose a French bulldog harness if your dog has sensitive skin?

Unlike many other dog breeds, Frenchies have only one layer of fur. They don’t have undercoats that will keep them warm in cold weather and help them regulate their body temperature. Besides, thin coats make them more susceptible to skin allergies and irritations. To escape any unplanned skin issues in your furry friend, my recommendation is to buy a dog harness made of soft fabrics. Mesh and plush dog harnesses can prevent redness, cuts, and blisters on your puppy especially during the shedding season.

When my Frenchie puppy arrived home, I’ve noticed she has extremely soft fur. It’s a normal occurrence for all puppies so that’s why it’s important to choose lightweight clothes, collars, and harnesses that won’t bother their tiny bodies.

Suede and mesh fabrics are known as one of the softest materials. They’re also stretchable and make a gentle pressure on the skin. Instead of providing your pet with a confined feeling, mesh and suede will be perfect for young puppies and dogs of all ages during the summer season.

To avoid the uncomfortable feeling on your dog’s skin, wearing lightweight, breathable, and stretchable harnesses will be the best solution.

Why we love Suede Touch French Bulldog harness?

Skin-friendly fabric

As an owner of a Frenchie, you have to carefully choose clothes and other equipment for your furry friend. These dogs are unique in many ways, and their sensitive skin is only one of the features to pay attention to. Besides using hypoallergenic dog shampoos, you’ll have to use sensitive brushes for grooming your Frenchie’s coat. To support your pleasant strolls, this French bulldog harness is made of silky suede fabric. And, what is more important, it has a mesh inner side to promote skin breathing.

No-pull design

Taking a puppy for a walk is challenging for most dog owners. Since we have to teach them to behave obediently on the leash, using French bulldog collars during puppyhood is not recommended. My dog used to pull a lot when I started to take her outside. However, with the right harness, I succeeded to relocate the pressure from her neck to her chest area and prevent her from many injuries.

Sporty design

This design is great for everyday strolls and performing training lessons. It features padded and strong chest part and nylon webbing straps that are adjustable. You can choose between 4 colors and even create a combination with a matching leash.

Our pick

Perfect option for training lessons and teaching a puppy to obediently walk on the leash. Available in 4 colors and many sizes.

  • made of soft suede and inner mesh side
  • adjustable nylon webbing straps that can handle the hardest pulls
  • it can be bought with a matching leash
  • padded edges to prevent skin irritations.

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