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Summer Breathable Frenchie Harness by Frenchie World

Since the summer season is fast approaching, you should think about how to make your dog strolls more comfortable and safe. It might sound difficult to choose the right Frenchie harness, however, aside from being a gentler on its neck, a harness keeps the pooch closer to your side. The Summer Breathable Ultra Soft Harness and Leash set is made of high-quality and soft fabric that won’t irritate your pet’s skin and will make the walks comfy.

Why to use Summer Breathable Ultra Soft Harness and Leash set by Frenchie World?

Frenchie harnesses should gently fit on a dog’s body without threading the legs through a pair of hoops. Instead, you can choose a harness that looks like a vest that is easy to dress on and take off. This Frenchie harness features a chest wide part of the mesh that prevents a dog from pulling.

Unlike collars, French bulldog harnesses are designed to prevent neck and spine injuries. They’re especially suitable for younger puppies that don’t behave obediently on the leash. On the other hand, older pooches may also use them. The Frenchie World store offers you a wide assortment of orthopedic dog harnesses that feature handles on the back. They can be especially handy in situations when you want to help your senior dog to jump into the car, climb the stairs, or escape danger.

Our pick

  • breathable fabric, fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • vivid and attractive patterns
  • round system for extra support
  • ensured with adjustable straps and and D ring

Ideal pick for the summer season when you want to prevent your Frenchie from heatstroke. 

  • Pleasant fabric

This Summer Breathable Ultra Soft Harness and Leash Set for a Frenchie is designed in vivid and colorful patterns and made of breathable fabric that won’t overheat. Since we are all familiar with a French bulldog’s tendency to overheat, we’ve decided to use the fabric that improves ventilation. The fabric is heat resistant and to get a cooling effect, you can also occasionally splash it with water during walks. Overall this Frenchie harness is perfect to use during the summer season.

  • Padded edges

The edges have been double padded to prevent skin irritations and cuts. They snuggly fit around a dog’s neck and armpits, while the back part will keep a dog’s spine in a healthy posture.

  • Adjustable strap

By using this Frenchie harness, you’ll forget about unnecessary belts that used to bother your lovely pooch. The Summer Breathable Ultra Soft Harness and Leash set features one strap that goes around a dog’s belly. When customizing the size, it’s essential to leave two fingers space to make a dog comfortable during walks.

  • Attractive design

The attractive design of this Frenchie harness is inspired by the summer vibes and vivacious French bulldog spirit. It will make your pooch spotted and it comes with a matching leash to fulfill the outfit.


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