Harnesses For Frenchies

The Best French Bulldog Harness To Keep Your Dog Safe

Does finding the right harness for your Frenchie always seem like an ongoing issue? Well, if you are a lover of traditional collar and leash, I recommend you to think twice. The pressure that collars make on the dogs’ necks might be harmful for them. It is especially the case when a dog is not taught to obediently walk on the leash. Pulling behavior can cause severe neck injuries and may cause temporary damages to the dog’s hips. This French bulldog harness is made with comfort in mind and will provide your pet with a comfortable feeling when going to strolls.

How to choose the best French bulldog harness for your dog?

One of the first things when choosing the harness for a Frenchie is to make sure it fits well. The adjustable straps, appropriate neckline, and solid material are one of the features to search for. 

Reflective parts are another characteristic that will keep your pet safe in low light conditions. Full body carriages fit dogs like a vest might. They have a one connect on the back to attach the leash and reduce the harms of pulling. 

Therefore, the pressure goes to a dog’s chest area instead of a neck. 

Off all commitments you’ve signed with your Frenchie, going to regular walks is the most important. Every dog needs a physical exercise even when we talk about lazy French bulldogs. Since strolls present one of the best ways to prevent your dog from obesity, another essential thing is to choose a harness. French bulldog harnesses are meant to keep your dog safe and to teach them good walking behavior. 

Therefore, if you’re still having a dilemma whether to choose a harness or a collar, I suggest you start with a harness. Using even the softest collars can cause irritations and redness on your French bulldog’s necks. And, since neck injuries are more than expected if you use collars in your dog’s young age, the only thing you’ll get is a permanent damage of your doog’s spine.

Our pick

  • 4 adjustable points
  • padded with a soft mesh inside
  • reflective edges that are gently crafted
  • available in many colors and sizes

Why We Love It?
Regardless of the fact your dog is a puppy or an adult, this French bulldog harness will rule them all! The solid fabric will last for years, and the modern design is easy to match with different outfits!

For the cost, the French bulldog harness by Frenchie World is the most versatile harness that works well for dogs of all ages. You can also match it with a leash of the same color to make a perfect match. The inner part of the harness has a breathable mesh and has been padded with a spongy fabric. 

All 4 adjustable points are hooked on metal O-rings, while a double D ring is there to ensure the extra safety. The harness comes in a V-strap that doesn’t restrict the movement of the front legs when the leash is clipped to the D-ring at the back. At the same time, the neck area is wide enough, and it won’t cause the choking effect.

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