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The Pros and Cons of a French Bulldog Harness or Collar

As an owner of a French bulldog, I often found myself in doubt whether I need to buy a harness or a collar for my Frenchie. In the last few years, dog harnesses became extremely popular, even though collars have been a mainstay of dog training equipment for decades. That’s why I decided to write all the pros and cons of using both collar and harnesses for the French bulldog breed.

Pros and Cons of French Bulldog Collars

French bulldog collars are more often used on adult pooches who have already learned to behave obediently on the leash. It’s because they cause pressure on dogs’ necks if they pull a lot while on the leash.

In many countries, collars are prescribed by the law because they should carry the dogs’ ID tags. Every dog should wear them because collars allow owners to identify their dogs quickly if lost or escape the backyard. The dog’s ID tag usually carries a dog’s name and the phone number or address of its owner.

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One of the main cons of using French bulldog collars is the pressure they make on a dog’s neck during training. Therefore, these items would not be the best choice for bapigs who pull a lot when they’re on the leash. Pulling behavior can lead to spine, neck, and hip deformities, and place significant pressure on the trachea, esophagus, thyroid gland, cervical vertebrae, and more.              

Pros and Cons of French Bulldog Harnesses

French bulldog harnesses provide better support to a dog’s body and distribute the pressure from their necks to chest and spine. In that way, a dog can’t become injured while walking on the leash. Since dog harnesses don’t make pressure on French bulldogs’ necks, they represent a better choice for untrained puppies and senior frog dogs who need spine support.

   A dog harness is a great way to reduce the pressure on your pup’s neck. However, you have to be careful of how comfortable it really makes him/her feel because after all. It isn’t just about looking cute! You don’t want anything to cause skin irritation or affect movement that’s natural for dogs so always check these features before buying one.

What are the best French bulldog harnesses?

Frenchie World® soft padded harness

This French bulldog harness is padded with the softest plush material to minimize discomfort for your four-legged friend. Adjustable and comes in multiple colors. Since the strap doesn’t go across the dog’s neck, this harness is suitable for brachycephalic dog breeds.

Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness

Your pooch will be red carpet ready with this trendy, yet durable dog harness. The adjustable straps keep your dog comfortable during walks, while the inner mesh fabric provides essential skin ventilation. The harness is suitable to be worn throughout the year and it is available in different patterns.

Professional Reflective French Bulldog Harness

 Professional Reflective French Bulldog Harness ensures your Frenchie will be safe. The harness features an extra handle that is very practical for seniors with mobility issues, plus there’s the LED light button and reflective stripes to ensure visibility in the dark. It also has skin-friendly edges along with spongy soft fabric!

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