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Top 5 Luxury French Bulldog Harnesses To Buy in 2022

How many times did you want to make your little Frenchie look like a million-dollar pet? Since there are times when both you and your little gremlin want to look special, we decided to select the top 5 luxurious French bulldog harnesses. They are glamorous, shiny, elegant, and will make everyone turn their heads when your four-legged friend is walking down the street.

How to make your Frenchie look glamorous and trendy while wearing a harness?

Frenchies are one of the most iconic-looking dog breeds. They are famous for their bat ears, cropped tail, smushed faces, and stout bodies. Besides, they’re extremely loyal, friendly, and affectionate. What else could a dog owner wish for? French bulldogs might be small in size, but they are dogs of huge hearts. Since they attract attention wherever appear, it would be a shame not to provide them with stylish harnesses, collars and clothes. However, regardless of what items you’re buying for your pet, it’s important that he/she feels comfortable. These picks of luxury French bulldog harnesses are approved by Frenchie owners who monitored their dogs’ behaviors, activity, and comfort during wearing.

Soft Suede Leather Rhinestone Harness

Looking for a dog harness that is equal parts luxurious and durable? Look no further than this French Bulldog harness! Made of soft, breathable suede leather, this harness features dazzling zircons that add a touch of luxury. The shiny buttons are also made of zircon, and the classic adjustable belt allows you easy setting.

  • available in different colors and sizes
  • classic belt closure
  • embellished with zircons and zircon buttons
  • hand washable
  • soft edges and fabric to prevent irritations

luxury french bulldog harnesses

Reflective French Bulldog Rhinestone Harness

Get your glamour on with this French Bulldog harness! It’s perfect for nervous dogs and those who prefer a more stylish look. The rhinestone details make your pup stand out in any crowd, while the comfortable design ensures a perfect fit. There is also a lovely pink bow on the back, so your furry princess will definitely get a dash of glamour.

  • attractive rhinestone design
  • emblazoned with a pink bow on the back
  • perfect for nervous pups
  • round shape that is easy to put on and take off
  • adjustable straps and reflective sewing

luxury french bulldog harnesses

Tropical Leopard French Bulldog Harness, Leash and Collar

This wild set consists of a harness, collar, leash, poo bag, scarf, and removable bow. Thanks to a reversible pattern, you can switch sides whenever you want and turn your little gremlin into a wild Leopard or a Jungle explorer. The material is so soft and breathable, so your Frenchie can especially wear it during warmer months.

  • gorgeous jungle-inspired pattern
  • unisex design
  • hand washable
  • harness is made of breathable mesh
  • practical set for daily strolls

Frenchie World® natural leather collar, leash and harness set

Want to get that hardcore outfit on special occasions? This set is made of genuine leather which is extremely durable. The French bulldog harness and a collar are decorated with thorns that are available in gold and silver colors. The leash features chain and leather handle, while the harness straps are adjustable.

  • unique design
  • available in two options
  • adjustable belts
  • made of genuine leather
  • great for special occasions

Frenchie World® natural leather collar, leash and harness set

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set

Made from sturdy canvas fabric, this harness is embellished with printed summer fruits, making it the perfect pick for a trendy pup. The collar is also decorated with a 3D flower and can be used to hook up a leash or just to carry an ID tag.

  • available in cute summer patterns
  • lovely and juicy set for everyday wear
  • made of nylon webbing and canvas fabric for better durability
  • hand washable

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