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Tropical Leopard French Bulldog Harness, Leash and Collar

If you’re looking for a quality and stylish harness for your Frenchie, look no more because this set will blow your mind! Tropical Leopard French Bulldog Harness is reversible and it can be bought with a matching leash, potty bag, collar, and bandana. It represents the perfect pick both for special occasions and everyday wear and will surely make your dog adorably cute.

Why We Love Tropical Leopard French Bulldog Harness?

Since your little gremlin should look equally stylish as you, it might be difficult to find a harness that will look like a fancy detail too. Thanks to a reversible pattern, you can choose the side that better goes with your Frenchie’s outfit and personality. Choose a tropical jungle pattern if you want to celebrate the hot summer vibes. On the other hand, leopard design will turn your little gremlin into a fashion icon that will surely catch everyone’s eye.

 Aside from this, it’s important to mention that each piece from this set can be bought separately. Therefore if your Frenchie is still a puppy, then you might need a harness that will keep his spine and hips in a healthy posture. Let’s find out what each piece features.

Our pick

  • breathable fabric, fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • reversible pattern
  • each piece can be bought separately
  • ensured with adjustable straps and and D ring

Ideal pick for special occasions and everyday use.

Tropical Leopard French bulldog harness:

The straps of this harness are made of nylon webbing, and they’re padded with cotton printed fabric to provide extra comfort. Another great feature is that the leopard pattern is made of breathable mesh. Therefore, this French bulldog harness is ideal to wear during warmer temperatures. The straps are adjustable, and the chest part made in X-shape will prevent your pooch from pulling. This feature is very important to take into account because of the French bulldog’s specific body shape.

Their short necks and restricted respiratory systems require wearing harnesses during puppyhood. They’ll keep the untrained puppies safe from neck and spine injuries as well.

The good news about this set is that it consists of 2 types of French bulldog harnesses. Besides the x-shaped mesh harness, you may choose the second type that is completely made of customizable straps. It is ensured with metal D-rings and safety buckles as well.

French bulldog collar:

This incredibly cute French bulldog collar is made of nylon webbing and pleasant cotton on top serves to prevent skin irritations. The collar comes with a bowtie that can be removed as needed and it represents a cute detail for special occasions.

French bulldog bandana:

To make your dog stylish and spotted we recommend you using a French bulldog bandana in a reversible pattern. It features 100% cotton and non-toxic printed colors.

French bulldog leash and a potty bag:

How many times did you want to find a leash that can be bought with a matching potty bag carrier? Well, from now on you’ll never forget to take potty bags when taking your batpig outside to potty thanks to a small bag that will always stay attached to the leash.

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