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Tuff Hound French Bulldog Harness by Frenchie World

Tired of fighting with your dog over the perfect harness? The French bulldog is known for being plump and short, which means that it can be hard finding one to fit them just right. But not anymore! With Tuff Hound French bulldog harness which is made of soft yet durable nylon material, your furry friend will enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

This French bulldog harness is designed specifically by veterinarians so dogs don’t rub or chafe against their helpless underbelly while walking on leashes. It is conceptualized from years worth of experience treating hundreds of upon cases just like you- enjoy peace in knowing quality has been put into every step taken outside today.

Why choose Tuff Hound French bulldog harness?

The important features to consider when buying a harness for your little pup are padded edges and breathable fabric. If they’re sensitive-skinned, don’t choose nylon ones without waxed seams or extra padding in strategic places like under their neck and armpits where it gets very scratchy. Since most Frenchies have allergy-prone skin, their owners should be careful even when buying harnesses and collars for them. Note that untrained dogs can pull a lot when they’re on leashes, so wearing a comfortable and appropriate harness will be of great importance. Unlike collars, French bulldog harnesses provide better support and give both you and your dog a dose of safety.

Our pick

The fiber pattern and high-density surface of mesh spreads the dog’s body temperature outward through the vest, and automatically regulates the body temperature, making it cool and comfortable.

  • easy to put on and take off
  • perfect for untrained puppies
  • ID tag hole 
  • 4 adjustment points
  • padded edges

Neck-friendly cut

Tuff Hound French bulldog harness features X-shape fabric that relocates the pressure from pulling to a dog’s chest. In that way, a Frenchie will not struggle with breathing and will be able to enjoy long walks.

Pleasant and lightweight fabric

Are you familiar with those heavy harnesses that feature multiple straps and look like a fishing net on your pup? Well, this Frenchie harness will do wonders because of simple buckles that allow you easy dressing. The inner side of a harness features a breathable and lightweight mesh, while the outer layer is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It’s also easy to clean, so even if your Frenchie behaves like a messy piglet, his outdoor gear will always look clean and tidy. The edges are padded which is a big plus if your dog has sensitive skin.

Promotes healthy posture

Thanks to a four-point adjustments vest design, your furry friend will feel confident and relaxed outside. The vest keeps the dog’s spine in a healthy posture and gives the owner total control during strolls. Unlike other nylon harnesses, the Tuff Hound French bulldog harness reduces the burden on the dog because they used 30% lighter nylon materials than the old version.

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