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Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness by Frenchie World

Are you having a difficult time finding the right French bulldog harness for your dog? Well, Frenchies are proud owners of stout and short bodies, so their owners often face problems buying the one that will perfectly suit them around necks and bellies. Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness is built to last and properly fit every inch on the dog’s body.

Why do we love Tuff Hound Nylon Comfortable French Bulldog Harness?

Padded and Breathable

Padded edges and breathable fabric are some of the most important features to consider when buying a harness for a Frenchie. My Frenchie often gets allergic reactions when wears nylon harnesses, especially if they don’t have waxed edges. Therefore, owners of dogs with sensitive skin should be especially careful when choosing collars or harnesses. Collars will not be the best choice for puppies because they pul a lot and there is a chance for a collar to slide over the head.

On the other hand, French bulldog harnesses provide better support to a dog’s whole body. The main strap goes around the dog’s belly, while another one goes across the chest to prevent pulling. What I especially love about this Frenchie harness is the breathable mesh inside. The mesh allows the skin to breathe, while the outer layer features oxford fabric that is easy to clean. The edges are padded the whole harness seems like it has a sponge filling inside.

Adjustable straps

Even though straps are made of nylon webbing, they feature a waxed coating to prevent skin irritations. Therefore, you’ll be able to set the size as your pup grows. The buckles are made of plastic, and the main plastic buckle is easy-open, yet durable and solid enough to support pulling.

Attractive pattern

This French bulldog harness is available in different colors and sizes. My favorite one is the pink one with black and white straps. This combination catches attention and I matched it with a leash that can be bought separately.

Easy maintenance

When the harness gets dirty, you can wash it in soapy cold water and let it dry in the air. The fabric is easy to clean, so I sometimes use wet wipes to clean the stains after strolls.

Our pick

  • Metal D-ring on the dog’s back
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Hand washable in cold soapy water
  • Adjustable straps, attractive pattern
  • Durable buckles
  • Metal loop on the front to attach the dog’s ID tag

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