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Ultra Light Reflective Padded Harness and Leash Set

If you’ve already tried several harnesses on your French bulldog, and he is still acting nervous to use a harness, then you gotta choose the one with fewer straps. Some Frenchies might find it difficult to wear harnesses with many straps or those that look like a vest. That’s why we recommend you have a look at the following Ultra Light Reflective Padded Harness and Leash Set by Frenchie World.

When to use Ultra-Light Reflective Padded Harness and Leash Set by Frenchie World?

Unlike other French bulldog harnesses, this one features only 3 straps. The first one goes around the dog’s neck, while the second one and third one are set around the belly. The straps aren’t wide, so your Frenchie will have the feeling of freedom when going to stroll.

  • Ideal for dogs that suffer from allergies

This French bulldog harness is made of a breathable mesh which is an important feature to consider because some Frenchies tend to suffer from allergies. Their coats are one-layered, which means that their skin is more exposed to environmental allergens and elements.

  • Perfect summer pick

Aside from the previously mentioned fact, this Frenchie harness represents a perfect summer pick. It allows the skin to breathe and dries quickly if worn wet.

  • Comes with a matching leash

Since comes with a matching leash, this harness represents a money-saving option.  The leash is durable as well as the metal buckle that is easy to hook on.

  • Reflective parts

One of the most important features to search for when buying a harness is to find the one with reflective parts. That’s how you’ll keep your dog visible in dark and protect him from unpredictable situations to happen.

  • Ensured with nylon webbing

To provide your dog with extra safety, Frenchie World decided to ensure the straps with hylon webbing parts. They are all padded with mesh, so your pet won’t feel uncomfy when going to walk. Besides, they won’t cause any skin irritations, like cuts and blisters.

  • Low neckline

Low neckline is extremely important to choose for the French bulldog breed. These little gremlins have thick necks and restricted airways, so low neckline will allow them to breathe freely.

Our pick

  • breathable mesh fabric fits gently on the dog’s skin
  • adjustable belt and plastic buckle
  • eye-catching prints
  • comes with a matching leash
  • padded with soft mesh
  • low neckline to prevent breathing discomfort

Let your dog experience a maximum comfort and have quality daily strolls. 

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