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Yummy Pizza French Bulldog Harness- Review!

Are you one of those dog owners who care about their dogs’ safety during hot months? Since the summer season is closer than ever, it’s the ultimate time to think about how to keep your Frenchie confident, relaxed, and safe when going on walks. Yummy Pizza French Bulldog Harness is one of those summer essentials that will help your pet stand out from the crowd and feel comfortable on every step.

Why I choose special dog harnesses for the summer season?

Just like us, our dogs want to get rid of multiple layers of clothes. Well, in this case, it’s their coat. They shed more during warm weather and prepare their skin for new fur growth in the autumn season. When we talk about Frenchies, they have more sensitive skin than other dogs, so we need to be very careful when choosing harnesses for the summer season.

So far, I have tried and reviewed so many French bulldog harnesses, and I can safely say that Yummy Pizza French Bulldog Harness  is one of my favorite. The thing is that this harness is much softer and features breathable fabric, so it makes a dog more comfortable when going on strolls.

  • Adorable pattern

The unisex design makes the Yummy Pizza French Bulldog Harness suitable for both sexes. Therefore, whether you’re searching for a gift for your friend’s puppy or your own four-legged friend, this adorable design will make every pet gorgeous. Emblazoned with yummy pizza slices, your batpig will have a unique piece of summer gear for every occasion.

  • Breathable fabrics

My little Frenchie especially loved the feeling of breathable mesh on the inner side. It doesn’t irritate the skin, and padded lycra edges make the harness fit gently around the neck and armpits. Therefore, this pick will be great if your pooch often develops cuts, blisters, hot spots, and red patches when comes in contact with fabrics that don’t suit their skin.

The outer layer is made of printed neoprene that is stretchable, soft, and makes the dog comfortable while jumping, chasing, and playing.

  • Adjustable points

Just like any other quality French bulldog harness, this one also features adjustable points. Therefore, your pup can use it during the stage of growth. The plastic buckles are easy to customize, and can be very handy if your dog needs to wear this harness over clothes.

  • Practical for untrained puppies

We all know how much dogs can pull on the leash during their first months of life. That’s why I recommend the Yummy Pizza French Bulldog Harness to all those furry pullers who need training lessons. This French bulldog harness keeps the pressure on the dog’s chest, so you don’t have to worry about whether your pooch feels inconvenient around the neck.

Our pick

  • Adjustable harness straps
  • Adorable unisex design
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Hand washable in cold water
  • Perfect for untrained puppies
  • Made of soft and smooth fabric
  • Features neoprene and mesh fabrics
  • Lycra padded edges
  • Chest support for young puppies
  • Keeps the neck area free

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